Waumba Land

We believe in an active, hands-on approach to learning with preschool children. So, you can plan on a lot of jumping, singing, dancing, and laughter in every experience. Be on the lookout for fun (sometimes a little messy) crafts and big games. 

We look forward to helping your preschoolers learn more about God.  We want them to enter the next phase of life knowing:

God MADE me.
God LOVES me.
Jesus wants to be my FRIEND forever.


We partner with you as you help your child take their own steps of faith. 

For your infant and young toddler, we provide safe and predictable environments staffed by a great team of warm and nurturing caregivers.

For your early preschooler through PreKindergartener, we plan a full hour of developmentally appropriate activities to help them learn about God in meaningful ways.  We include “Large Group” Bible Story and singing in our Clubhouse, led by gifted storytellers and musicians.  Then, kids participate in centers, crafts, games, and small group time for prayer and discussion.  

They will not want to miss.  And when you come, ask them about it!

Waumba Land is available during the 9:15 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. services.

Please tact us if you have a question.

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