Guest Services

Serving Opportunities

Café Team

Offer guests a quality experience through serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and occasionally delicious breakfast items. This is a great place to serve as a family!

Barista Team

Train with our barista team to create hand crafted, hot and cold espresso drinks that rival your favorite coffee shop!

Greeting Team

Greet everyone who enters GatheringPoint with a warm welcome and send them with a fond farewell on their way out. Assist in opening doors for people on their way in and out.

Guest Experience Team

Make every individual’s experience excellent! Identify and personally engage new guests by greeting, providing new guest gifts & looking for ways to surprise & delight.

Usher Team

Provide a warm greeting as attendees enter the auditorium and help refresh the room at the conclusion of service. Offer to escort guests to seats and engage with them in a meaningful way.

Shopkeeper Team

Assist individuals in finding and purchasing tools that will equip them to share the message of the FOR movement. Manage sales transactions in The Shop with a positive and helpful attitude. Inventory items before opening and closing and restock when necessary.

Why we think our volunteers are the BEST EVER!


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